Fj Ventre needs no introduction. Here is Fj Ventre

Here is the insanely talented FJ Ventre's game face. 

This whole day is a blur to me, but as I recall, FJ is pictured here at the very end of a ten hour session, wherein he laid down…

Relax Y'all. Amy Kucharik's Got This

My Kerrville Family, part 3: Amy Kucharik 

And finally, the first New Folk Winner I got to know. Get her name right, y'all. It's kuh-CHAR-ick. 

My first memory of Amy is behind the Threadgill Stage at Kerrville, where…

Becky Warren Y'all!

Let’s not bury the lead: I am proud to know Becky Warren, crazy proud to call her my friend, and obnoxiously proud to share several shows with her here in North Carolina next weekend. 

My first impression of Becky Warren…

Tom Meny, ladies and gentlemen

They say about some people, “he or she has this thing.” 

Tom Meny has this thing. 

Okay, so the first year I went to Kerrville I sat in the third row and watched all of the New Folk…

pre-caffeine, I am capable of shallow thoughts only

I don't like to look stupid, but this morning a thought so inane passed through my head it cracked me up. 

Okay, first let me try to articulate the feeling: 

Willis Alan Ramsey’s eponymous album has been on…