So, I got these songs. I’ve been working on them for a while, and the way it usually goes for me is this:

I write a song, revise it a BUNCH of times, learn the song (I know, but yeah, I do), perform it live a few times, then revise it again and call it.

I’ve gotten to perform a couple of them, but I’m only at the “learn the song” stage on several more. These songs need playing and curing up. I’m getting ready to go into the studio for my next record, and I want these songs lean and mean when I get there.

Also, yikes there’s a bunch of waltzes in this batch. I like them all but I need to thin the herd.

So I’m going to pop up on youtube and facebook on Tuesday nights at 8:00PM EST to run these songs down for a half hour or so. I would sincerely love to have folks listen and chime in, but I need to play them either way. As the weeks go by, the songs will probably change a little (for the better I hope).

Wanna listen? The video should go live on my Wes Collins Music facebook page and on my youtube channel (at this link: https://youtu.be/hnb9bfCk2to) right at 8:00PM on Tuesday, April 27.




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