Andrew Delaney Is Coming to Town (no, it doesn't scan, so don't try)

Attention people who like songs: Odds are you’ll be seeing some facebook invites from me real soon. 

See, Andrew Delaney is coming from Texas to North Carolina in early April, and us locals have two point five opportunities to see him play his extraordinary tunes live and in person. Andrew often travels with his band The Horse You Rode In On, but this time he will move the air with these songs solo right in front of your amazed face. 

Your first chance (this is the .5 opportunity) is to show up in Hillsborough at WHUP for their Pass the Hat show around 6PM on Friday, April 7, where a) you’ll learn a lot about Andrew, and b) you’ll have to be vewy, vewy quiet. 

On Saturday, Andrew and I will play at Berkeley Café in Raleigh. That starts at 8PM. 

Finally, on Sunday, the brand-new Birdland(!) will host a house show for Andrew and myself as we swap songs for a couple of hours. 

In person, Andrew is funny, fiercely intelligent, and funny, like a smart sandwich on funny bread. Don’t tell him I said that. 

And his songs, holy moly. Way too many to list here, but I hope he plays – never mind, really too many to list. You might be challenged; you won't be bored.

Bring cash. You’re going to want his new CD, The Escape Artist

Here’s a taste of Andrew’s songwriting and sensibility. Strap in.

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