pre-caffeine, I am capable of shallow thoughts only

I don't like to look stupid, but this morning a thought so inane passed through my head it cracked me up. 

Okay, first let me try to articulate the feeling: 

Willis Alan Ramsey’s eponymous album has been on my musical periphery since I started buying my own records at age twelve or so, but it didn’t hit me square until just recently. I remember flipping past that forest green cover in my search for Beatles albums, and I saw Willis Alan Ramsey in people's collections over the years. The album just didn’t seem to be in their rotation at the time, so I don’t think I was ever exposed to the music, just the cover. 

I bought my own copy of Willis Alan Ramsey on CD in 2003, listened the first cut or two, liked them and slotted the disc in my collection.  It sat like there like a time bomb until about two weeks ago when I got a hankering to hear “The Ballad of Spider John” and the album just flattened me. It seems to have crept into my past, like the music’s been with me my whole life, though I know that’s not true. It’s oddly pleasant combing through my musical memory looking for evidence. 

So now, here’s how my brain offered up those thoughts to me this morning: 

“Wow, the more I hear this record, the more I feel like I’ve heard this record before.” 

Uh, yeah genius, that’s usually how it works. Let's get some coffee.

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