Tom Meny, ladies and gentlemen

They say about some people, “he or she has this thing.” 

Tom Meny has this thing. 

Okay, so the first year I went to Kerrville I sat in the third row and watched all of the New Folk contestants, and it turned me to jelly. Jelly doesn't perform well, and I resolved that if I ever got to go back to Kerrville, I would avoid the competition until after the winners were announced, then catch everybody later in the festival. 

In 2015, when Kerrville announced the 32 finalists I figured it couldn’t hurt to click on a few of the video links the Rouses put up on facebook. Just a couple, you know, to hear what was what. 

The first video I clicked was Tom Meny playing his song “Say When”. I listened all the way through, then closed my laptop and walked away, thinking yeah, I’d probably better not check out any more videos if I plan on actually buying an airline ticket.  He’s that good. 

Down in Texas I missed Tom’s set in the competition (like everybody else’s, by design), but l looked forward to hearing him around the campfires. Unfortunately for me, Tom skedaddled off the ranch, so I didn’t see him until almost a week later when he came back to swap some songs. Listening to Tom around the picnic table I found out he's a genuine, sweet, and very funny guy as well as a groove machine and next-level singer and songwriter. 

And now you have a chance to hear Tom up close, because he's playing here in North Carolina March 3, 4, and 5 with Amy Kucharik, Becky Warren and me.

Here are the shows:

March 3    Nash Street Tavern, Hillsborough                          8:30PM 
March 4    Doodad Farm Indoor Concert, Greensboro            6:30PM 
March 5    The Rooster’s Wife, Aberdeen                               6:36PM (that's actually a thing. Ask them about it) 

And here's an example of Tom Meny's art (don’t tell Tom, but I almost always tear up when I hear this song).

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