Relax Y'all. Amy Kucharik's Got This

My Kerrville Family, part 3: Amy Kucharik 

And finally, the first New Folk Winner I got to know. Get her name right, y'all. It's kuh-CHAR-ick. 

My first memory of Amy is behind the Threadgill Stage at Kerrville, where were both waiting to perform in the New Folk Competition. Amy could see I was beyond nervous and told me, "Somebody told me to just have fun with it." This, on her way out to the stage. 

Amy had fun with it. She played two songs, and from where I stood backstage it sounded like this: 

(line of Amy's song)...HUGE LAUGH...(line of Amy's song)...HUGE LAUGH... (line of Amy's song)...HUGE LAUGH...etcetera, until the end of her set, when (though again I can't say for sure since I was backstage) Amy got a STANDING OVATION. Yes, I'm yelling. 

I thought, welp, here's me following one of the winners, then. And I was not mistaken. 

Amy stayed on the ranch, but was a little scarce for a while. She was fighting a nasty bug (they were calling it Kerrbola), but whenever she could get vertical she found time to swing by the Rouse House, and we got to be good friends scary fast. 

I say good friends. I mean, great friends. One example: In November of 2015 Amy saved my life, or at least my backside, when she picked me up at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. I had left my wallet twelve hundred miles away and when Amy observed my features disappearing into whatamIgonnado, she administered a careful mix of pizza, beer, and stealth Karaoke to coax me off the ledge. Basically, "I got this." 

How to describe Amy's music. Hmm. 

Amy leads with the funny, but there's a sharp maul under that feather boa she swings around. Her songs can cut you off at the ankles while you're laughing. 

Also: I want her foot tambourine on everything everywhere always. 

There's more, but I'm out of time. She'll be here in two days. 

Come see and hear what I mean this weekend here: 

March 3 Nash Street Tavern, Hillsborough 8:30PM 
March 4 Doodad Farm Indoor Concert, Greensboro 6:30PM 
March 5 The Rooster’s Wife, Aberdeen 6:36PM 

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