1. Jabberwockies

From the recordings Jabberwockies and Jabberwockies


Relax your eyes
You’ll probably see it
It’s always there
A couple angels
A bunch of monsters 
Everywhere you look
You just have to wait

Keep an eye 
On where the 
Jabberwockies go
Watch them slither
Down the hidey holes
They know
You won’t have to wait for long

Putting in a call to generations gone
If they even want to talk to us anymore
We haven’t raised them for so long

So brush the panic
Off your face and
Start the van
Make out like
You never saw it
But you can now
Grab whatever 
You can burn
To keep you warm
Put a feather
In the air when
There’s a storm coming
If you’re not careful
It’ll all get to feel 
Like normal again
You won’t have to wait for long