1. Sugar Skull

From the recordings Jabberwockies and Jabberwockies


Oh Sugar Skull
Please come home I promise to behave
I’m always full
But that don’t mean I never get a craving
It was one little nibble but you got my attention
Now I’m groping around in the kitchen
With one eye open and the other eye twitching

Ah Sugar Skull
Why can’t it be like it was the day we met?
You want the whole thing
And I’m getting to think that’s what you’re gonna get
You keep changing up the rules every time I learn the game
Pushing all my best friends out of the frame
And now they call me by a different namE

And everybody tells me you’re not here
So how can you be breathing in my ear?

I’m not gullible
But I believe you’re about to get me to believe
Oh Sugar Skull
Now what’s it gonna take to get you to leave?
You been posing in my head like a low-rent madonna
I ought to cut you dead cause I don’t think I
Wanna be around if you’re cutting me down
To a sugar skull