1. The Trees

From the recordings Jabberwockies and Jabberwockies


Well it has to get stuffy up in that tower all day
Can you call it a view when you don’t get to look away?
All day and night up there scanning the park
For a rumor of smoke or a spark
And you have to love something about it; you sure don’t get paid

When I’m working the trails I think about you up there
Thirty-six stories up, Jesus God that’s a lot of stairs
And there isn’t any signal out here
And the mail runs like nine times a year
If it wasn’t so dry I’d surprise you and send up a flare

Cos I’m looking at the trees
And you can see the forest
Down here in the weeds
It’s hard to see you rooting for us
When I lay my blanket down
I want to take the long view
But I’m sleeping on the ground

You spend half of the wet season looking down at the rain
Me I can pick any flower and tell you the Latin name 
That sounds to me like a pretty good start
But it’s also what keeps us apart
You say it is what it is and I say it’s a shame

Cos I’m looking at the trees
Twenty bucks says you are too
If there’s anything you need
I’ll try to make it up to you 
Or I can wait till you come down
Keep me in the long view
I’ll see you around