1. Grease Fire

From the recordings Jabberwockies and Jabberwockies


I might have shimmied up a tree or scaled a mountain
But there I sat
Then I let fifteen years go by but who was counting
Don’t answer that

And I don’t think I’ll ever know how come you drew me out of 
The middle of the stack
That’s why I trust you when you’re mad but when you’re nice to me
I can keep a little back

Well I’ve been trying not to think about the question 
So I reckon I’m getting close
Do I really have to stare into a mirror to see
What’s underneath my nose

Get it down in ink and underline the words
Or it can tear you upside out like carrion birds

An emergency will show you your position
And a grease fire doesn’t ask for your permission, it just burns
You get to find out what you’re made of when you’re in it
But can’t I just stay dumb for another minute

I sent a message yesterday, I hope you open it
And I hope you get it
I thought it ran a little long but then I might have lost a little
In the edit
It still says I’m sorry though
So there’s that