1. Medusa

From the recordings Jabberwockies and Jabberwockies


Under the bar light you might take her for a statue
A Botticelli with a splinter in the spine
And if you’re lucky you won’t catch her looking at you
Keeps to her booth and makes a meal on whatever wine is around

Most days she wraps up in the gray robes of a cigarette
Like any widow lying wide-eyed in the dark
A piece of blackened memory catching on the curtains
Up to the attic where the banker boxes are

She got to watch herself
She got to watch herself
And it’s only complicated if she wants you
She just wants a little help
How can she watch herself?
You know why she keeps away from mirrors, don’t you?

Coaxes her hair into her hat and checks her make-up
Comes to the window when she’s sure that she can smile
And when the hourglass starts yellowing the paper
She’s got to get herself outside a little while

So if you come across a woman who won’t meet your eye
Keep your distance, take the hint and let her be
She keeps those Ray-Bans on her face for your protection
They only hide what you were never meant to see

She’s got to watch herself
She’s got to watch herself
She’s got the weapons but she doesn’t want to use them
It ain’t like she isn’t strong
But she’s fought it way too long
Tonight we’re gonna have to reckon with Medusa