1. Last Saturday

From the recordings Jabberwockies and Jabberwockies


Last Saturday
I got out of the house again
It started out so promising
Then somebody said your name
Or maybe it was me
I don’t know, it might have been
I always feel you on my skin
A little stutter in the brain

So the seasons finally changed
You didn’t stop the world from spinning round
There’s cherry petals on the ground
I can see them through the blinds
I wind the clock again
But I don’t care what time it is
I’m just building up the calluses
That help me keep inside the lines

A couple times a year
The sirens at the edge of town
They wake up and they lay it down
Like a baby on a plane
I notice it sometimes
Doesn’t bug me like I thought it would
And if you’re asking well I’m doing good
I left the house last Saturday