1. Cocoon

From the recordings Jabberwockies and Jabberwockies


Takeout and silverware
All over the floor
And I can’t get around here in my bare feet anymore
I had some ideas
Don’t know where they are
Probably rolling around the floorboard of my car

Some people never learn how to read a room

I kept hoping
This was a cocoon
And I was gonna turn into something better pretty soon
That ain’t what happened
I guess you know
You ain’t gonna crack the wall if there’s no place you want to go

Some people never learn how to read a room
It’s alright in the morning
Gets dark in the afternoon

I hang on through your voicemail
I hang up at the tone
I don’t want to be a stammering voice leaking out of your phone
But if I don’t tell you now
I probably never will
I’ll try to get it down longhand if I can get the paper to hold still

Hear me out
The way I figure it
To get what you really want the trick is you go for the opposite
And you get what they hand you anyway
Whatever you choose
But you can’t disappoint yourself too bad if you aim for the blues

Some people
Some people
Some people never know when they’re

Making it awkward
From the day that we met
I owe you so many apologies you’re not gonna get
But I can just about scrape together
A sorry goodbye to you
I’ll put it under your wiper blade
I guess it’ll have to do