From the recordings Jabberwockies and Jabberwockies


They say thought leads to words and then words lead to action
But when they buzz around my tongue and I can’t seem to catch them
I can’t think in black and white when I’ve been swimming around in the grey
And so I don’t ever know what I mean until I say it

It's under my fingers
Plain as the alphabet
Right under my fingers
Just haven't typed it yet

But the last time I saw you, you took me to tatters
And you said you were soft underneath like it matters
Then you showed me your scars but wouldn't tell me where you got 'em
As we laced up our shoes for one last race to the bottom

It's under my fingers
As close as it’s gonna get
Right under my fingers
Just haven't found it yet

When did we decide
Everything had to scan and rhyme
Nobody wanted to hurt anybody
That just how it came out that time
I can see you trying
Not to bring down what we deserve
And if the makers are watching us
I hope they’re grading on a curve

But when we got to the end, what was there?
I’ve forgotten
And maybe I wasn’t listening to you, yeah, that happens a lot
And I could dry up any second now that I’m looking down at the pen
But then it’s not giving up if we both say
I surrender