From the recording Welcome to the Ether


You may never even notice what you’re doing
You may think until you cannot move at all
You can make your lists until you’re out of paper
You can roll the window down and let them fall
You may do that

You might think of the right words and never say them
You might let some things be said no one should say
You might wish you’d said the words you thought of later
And if you get another chance at it someday
You may do that

You may think that you are waiting on a hero
Would you recognize that hero on your bus?
You might think that you can never make a difference
It might look to you like no one ever does
But you may
You may do that

City transit takes a slow turn round the corner
Sunlight slides across the seat you squint your eye
Signs say watch your step and keep the aisle clear son
You keep following directions you’ll be fine
And you may do that

“It the law you give your seat up now. You know that, right?
Make it easy on yourself, you know your place.
I got the radio right here and I can bring in the police.”
She keeps her seat and looks him in the face
Says “You may do that.”

You may do that