1. Details

From the recording Welcome to the Ether


You took the dishes down and set them on the counter
Humming aloud cos I was trying to talk to you
And one by one you held them up just so and dropped them on the floor
Like you were trying to break them perfectly in two 

I tiptoed in to try to straighten up this morning
I couldn’t stop myself from looking in on you
I couldn’t tell if you were sleeping but your eyes were closed
Like you were trying to keep the coming day from coming true

You bore a hole into the world, it doesn’t notice
And I’m afraid to look at what you’re trying to see
I know you’re looking for the devil in the details
I hate to break it to you child, it might be me

You know your mom and me, we made it twenty summers
And we held up those vows just like we said we would
But like a dandelion seed caught in a spider web
It wasn’t doing either of us any good

She made a project out of cleaning out her wallet
Tossing the business cards and wrappers on the floor 
And it got good to her so she kept right on going 
And now I’m not in her wallet anymore

Now you can iron your soul to smooth away the wrinkles
And do exactly what you say you’re gonna do
But everybody’s got a devil in their details
And if you don’t know where it is it’s probably you

Mend the broken dishes 
Anything can be forgiven
Clean and round and sharp enough
To take your hand to ribbons

Sometimes I skip a couple frames so I can sleep at night
I understand if you don’t want to take my call
I have to back away to check the composition
Or else the devil in the details takes it all
It wants it all