1. Feel Better

From the recording Welcome to the Ether


Go on, tell me I’m wrong 
Peel off and go home 
Settle my hash all the way to your house
I won’t hear a thing, but you’ll feel better
Tell my picture what you think
Pour my liquor down the sink
Cry to mama how I do you so bad 
Like mama’s got the stuff to make you feel better 
Go huddle up again with your little band of confidantes
Fill them in on almost everything that’s going on 
Get ‘em to cluck a tongue and tell em that you’re shut of me 
Then come on back for a dose of reali- 
Tea and honey, sympathetic shoulder and a smile 
That kind of thing’ll get you over for a while 
Come a late night that itch is gonna get you
Out of bed and on the phone looking to feel better 
Won’t be long the pretty people you been singing to to 
They’re gonna turn around and show their pretty backs to you 
Pretty melody but the lyrics are such a snooze
They’d perk right up if you wailed em some blues 

Then come back for some hijinks 
Yeah whatever those guys think 
I don't hear about them when you’re hanging with me 
Take five if you like but don't ever forget 
I make you feel good you don't have to feel better