1. Stethoscope

From the recording Welcome to the Ether


Turning your antenna you can pick them up no matter what they do
Oil their joints and tape their mouths they’ll never keep it down enough for you

Flattening yourself against the outer wall
Away from all the whistle calls and rattling
You kick against the static and you lose
But they do too

Open your umbrella and you turn it upside down to catch the rain
Choking down your medicine and all it does is clarify the pain

Penny in the dryer or a cricket in your room
A bag of nickels to the temple or an arrow to the spine
It’s all the same
But don’t complain

Here, take my pliers
You could yank out the wires
Yeah, they hold you upright
But man you look tired

Get yourself so far away from everything 
Nobody sees you reach into your coat 
Pull on your stethoscope 
And touch it to the ground
We’ll keep it down

We’ll keep it down