From the recording Welcome to the Ether


So Orangeandmagenta paddles out beyond the breakers to the swell
Male or female black or white from where I’m at you’d need binoculars to tell
Been here on this rock for fifteen days to true my compass and forget you
And every morning I come out and grab a little time with Orangeandmagenta
I can see my options iris down and fade away the more I walk this world
Guess I threw away my shot to hang my toes or run my fingers down the inside of a curl
Hunker down a minute and take the time you need to sketch out your adventure
But read the tide or it can pull you down for good you just ask Orangeandmagenta
It can cost a lot of sleep to try to figure where the day went every night
If you allow for all the time you put in worrying it balances all right
Plot your moves to minimize the danger and avoid another lecture
And while you’re staring at your shoes the day will bleed from blue to orange and magenta
Orange and magenta