From the recording Welcome to the Ether


Libby and me we lock hands and march up to the water
She keeps her eyes on the lake but her fingers are talking to me
They say we don’t have to go through with this if you don’t want to
But I’m living in Libby’s world now

Libby takes all the time in the world to do anything
So I’m nowhere near ready when she pulls us both over the rail 
But she never lets go as the sky tumbles into the water
And the last thing I hear is some Native American name

Under the water
Everyone dances
We turn in the current
Like everybody else
Dance long enough 
The music will come to you
Might get what you came for
Don’t hold your breath

Libby ain’t there when I come up for air
And ain’t nothing on shore where her clothes ought to be
And I’m wanting so hard to stay this side of knowing
Go to call out her name; I don’t make a sound
Put a wish on the water to swallow me down
Cos I’m living in Libby’s world now
And Libby’s not home