From the recording Welcome to the Ether


Another junkie on the corner
Makes it official now, it's getting kind of rough
But you'd be amazed what you can live with
If you live with it often enough

You sit across my kitchen table
I feel it hanging in the air
You can't believe you even have to ask me
Why I haven't moved to anywhere but here

I run some fingers through my hair
Look out the window at what ain’t there
I just love the cuckoo's calling 
I never ask it why it does
I'm living what I mean
But I don't have the words to sing
We been over it for hours and all I got so far is

My brother showed me how to play this lick
Been fifteen years, still can't play it half as well
Next time I see him I'd get him to show me one more time
I kinda doubt he’s got a guitar in his cell

But I don't mark it by the hour
Get my comfort when it comes
When all you want’s a shower
And you don’t know if it’s coming
When you finally make it underneath that water
It’ll hit you like a drug

We can stand here and kill ourselves
Or we can talk about something else
You don't right come out and say I'm crazy
 But I can hear it in your voice
Ain’t got nothing to do with pride
I'm just taking up my side
You get to stick or walk away 
But I have to love it here because