1. Pelican

From the recording Welcome to the Ether


I wave you on in, you don’t have to knock anymore
You offer me half of your coffee like you’re gonna need it to get in the door
My place is a spot to get out of the weather
You duck in sometimes when it rains
You could beat a path home but your mail would get soggy that way 

You leave your boots on – I don’t care what you’re tracking in
I brew up my own cos I’m not big on nutmeg and cinnamon
You don't have to look up from your phone, I like how it lights up your face
Yeah, that came out kind of creepy, I hope you don’t take it that way 

I can be super poetic and stuff
But I’ll shut up before that kicks in
Much better bet’d be to see if I can get you
To put latte through your nose again 

I'm on board for wherever you're driving this story 
You know what, maybe not, I forgotYou can get kind of morbid

So I can be awkward and more than a little indelicate
And as far as being graceful and poised I've been compared to a pelican
So I got no method or strategy to get you to toe off those galoshes and stay
Looks like my big play is to just say it
I like you
That way