1. The Quiet Part

From the recording Welcome to the Ether


You don’t have to guess why I’m made out of chalk
It was the shake in your voice when you told me we got to talk
I haven’t been around to meet your eyes for a while
So I hold on to the edge of the chair and I stick on a smile

Don’t want to hear what you’re trying to get over to me
I can tell this morning gonna break us over its knee

And it runs under your breath in a delicate hum
It’s a little bit sad and a little bit numb
And I know you’re ready to go now we come to the quiet part

I got tired of dancing on that hot griddle
I whispered a lie that was not sweet and it was not little
A bit at a time I forgot how to talk to you
I tell you you’re right, I promise to change, then I do what I want to do

I admired your dignity and grace
It turns out you’re just too tired to trash the place

Don’t know how much of me you’re looking to keep
But this is the last time I get to watch you falling asleep
Sun coming on, the horizon is going to gray
I busted the clocks, I curtained the windows and it’s coming in anyway

And now I probably agree with whatever you said
But I don’t know how to get out of my head
So I gather my shoes and a bundle of clothes
And slip out of your life on the tips of my toes
We can call it whatever you want but it isn’t 
That we got to talk it’s that I got to listen
But count on me to go missing when we get to the quiet part
When we get to the quiet part