1. Ether

From the recording Welcome to the Ether


Take a right there at the Esso 
With that old Purina silo
And straight on through to where the pavement got redone
It’s an hour and some change to where you’re going
But you can bank a little time if you get off the 301
It’s pretty thin for half an hour
Left to right across the dial
You want a song you got to sing it in your head
Once you clear the interference
You get a solid hour of company
Unless you pull the parking brake and stay a while instead

(Welcome to the ether) We been waiting for you darling
(Welcome to the ether) Some things never change
Put your attention between the ditches
And your hands on ten and two
Because your ears are ours until you’re out of range
Welcome to the ether

Your apartment's closing in on you and
You can't find a spot that's far enough away from any of the walls
But your edges start to melt when you step out into the rain
Looks like you might be made of sugar after all
Jam your hands into your pockets hike your shoulders bow your head
At least you’re dry between your collar and your chin
Pick a path along the road marching faster than the traffic
Till somebody rolls the window down and here we are again

(Welcome to the ether) We got towers everywhere
(Welcome to the ether) It’s all we ever say
Any trip can be a dance if you know how to stick the landing
And we can get you there a couple times a day

Nobody blames you for climbing up into your head when reception gets spotty
Nothing you buy or consume or collect gets your comfortable in your body

(Welcome to the ether) Rooted to the driveway
(Welcome to the ether) You ought to see your face
It can take you off the board if you hang out up here too long
So we know sometimes you have to go away
And we don’t like it either
Welcome to the ether