1. Rabbit Hole

From the recording One Layer Down


Light the fuse and walk away
Dominos will fall your way, it’s automatic
Whistle round the house all day
Mushrooms sprouting everywhere in the attic

Buzzing thoughts are caught in amber
All the fights you don’t remember
Something I was gonna tell you
Forgot to write it down and now it’s gone

Trouble seems to come in twos
Check the bottoms of your shoes, there’s your warning
Find a way to make it pay
Writing off another day every morning

Bees in my head have got no stingers
I think I found them in my fingers
Numb me up they’re all around me

I let it go
I’m going in
I get that vertigo again
I’m headed

Straight down the rabbit hole
The shortest path down the slippery slope
Straight down the rabbit hole
I can hang myself with the tiniest rope

This is what I get for concentrating
Black and white and grey and grey and grey and

Numb me up, they’re all around me

I tune ‘em out
It doesn’t show
I meet your eyes
You’d never know