1. This Room

From the recording One Layer Down


Can we get started without bringing your team in?
If you’re not angry, then why are you screaming?

If we could take it down a notch or two tonight
I could kid myself we’re only having a fight

I’m not listening, but I understand you
You can’t carry what I hand you

So we can inventory everything we’re not
Or we can torch this thing and then see what we got

I been ducking the blame / so long it hadn’t even occurred to me
I don’t know what you’re talking about
But if we lay / a blanket out under the canopy
Then I bet we could figure it out

I outran my luck, it caught me napping
If it sounds like I made it up, that’s what happened

I can’t let you know how bad I want it back
I think you’d rather pull that string at the top of the sack

We been locked in this room for so long we gone grey
But maybe that door opens out the other way

Whatever I say I’ll never admit that you got to me
but all I want is to go for your hand
I know you’re afraid / you’d have to be an idiot not to be
But it’s the end of the day and here I am
Here I am
Here I am
Here I am