From the recording One Layer Down


The morning light is ugly through my eyelids
Something keeps landing on my ear
The bowling shirt with someone else's name above the pocket
Like to cut me clean in half the way it's riding way up here

Sunlight bleaches the TV makes it hard to see the preacher
I've got to get some curtains for this place
The bottle cuts a sundial on the table
Still a little left I didn't pour into my face

And I like it when that happens
It's not the freshest start but it'll do
This ought to be enough to get me over
I can start right in forgetting you

Every couple of days I make it all the way around the clock
I don't get up to eat or even move
Some folks I used to hang out with are getting a little worried
Worried or pissed off I kind of doubt that they approve

But I kind of like it when that happens
When the evening comes around before I do
It takes some getting used to eating breakfast in the dark
But we both get a break, me and you

Me and you, we never should've happened
You were quicker working that one out than I could ever be
Been tutoring myself here undercover
It hasn't sunk in yet, but it will eventually

And I like it when that happens
It settles into stuff that I can see
Cigarettes and magazines and ass prints on the sofa
Haul it up and shake it of me
Leave them there and find a place to be