1. This Is Then

From the recording One Layer Down


Hey, there's that cab across the street
And there's that bag beside your feet
Right on time, your mama's on the phone

I tune you out, that's what you say
I miss the rest, but that’s okay
I've heard it all before ya know, we're over and you're done

And now we're coming to the part
Where I lied or something and broke your heart
And took away the best years of your life

You would have given me the moon
You really thought I'd change my tune
But that was then, you tell me, “son you just lost you a wife”

Yeah that was then
This is then too
I been round and round and round this thing with you
If this hand plays out like it always does
Then this is every bit as then as that was

And every time you get like this
You yank out that old laundry list
Of reasons why I’m driving you away

You used to see around that stuff
You were in love, that was enough
To see me as the kind of guy I ain't, but hey

That was then
This is then too
Believe you're leaving all you want to, hey, it might even be true
You go on and have a time if that’s the way you’re gonna be
But when you're done playing pretend you come on back to me

Just wait a second while the taxi calls the depot
He don't care, I’m gonna pay him for his time
Think about the words I whispered fifteen years ago
Remember how I said I'd love you til I die

That was then
This is then too
Only difference is I might be more in love with you
We gone leaner than this and we come out fine
Come here baby, sit with me and be my valentine