1. Waiting

From the recording One Layer Down


This patch I been tilling, ain't nothing'll grow
You tell me what I'm doing wrong and then we'll both know
I got nothing left to give up to this land
My hands on this post and my head on my hands

Seems like the good done wicked out of this ground
The centipedes still like me, they stuck around

Livvie told me I ought to rotate them beans
Try putting some okra or corn in between
I let that fall by the last planting or two
But I done everything else she ever asked me to do

Busting my knuckles up year after year
Starting to come to me, why I’m still here

See, I'm waiting
Waiting to see
It’s on the horizon
Coming to get me
I couldn't tell you
Can't make it come clear
But something's gonna happen
And I aim to be here

Last time I had any company it was half of the town
Drank some coffee, sang some hymns and put Livvie in the ground
Sharpened up my tools and took it out on the dirt
I ground myself down and I liked how it hurt

I don't have many days piled up in front of me
I reckon I'll tick 'em off just like I please

Starting to think I’m gonna run out of time
My body is trying to fold up but I'm

Gonna make it
Never you fear
Who am I talking to?
There's no one but me here
The thing about waiting
And paying attention and living to suffer is
I get the feeling
It's just about
And I’m waiting