1. Come Around

From the recording One Layer Down


It isn’t like I don’t remember
Wouldn’t kill me to forget
Seven squares of white linoleum
From the window to the bed

You were out in front of the pain
And I couldn’t catch your eye
From the back of the chorus
Gathered round to say goodbye

The filter on the common window
Only let the sick light in
Chicken wire inside the glass
Saw that nothing got back out again

Kissed your forehead and whispered I’d see you
On the other side
Left my tears on your face and
Took a good long look so why am I looking for you

Might as well be sitting by your bed
Expecting you to come around

I thought I was inoculated
Dug in good against the grain but
Every time I dial your number

Guess I might have picked up a touch of
What’s been going round
Lost my bearings, the tide came in
And never went back out, and now I see you

Everywhere, just one layer down
I know you’re tied up right now
But I can set the table
Just in case you get the urge to come around

Come around