1. Diana

From the recording One Layer Down


Climb on hold tight, let go don't fight it
Slide on down to the pool
The water's brown but it's cool and you probably won't die

We won't point and tell your boyfriend
Never swam till today
You jumped in anyway, came up shaking and I

I stood off to one side
Watched that trophy girl glide
Off your shoulders, into the woods and gone and I swear
It was hard not to stare
There in her place not seven feet in front of me
You turned around and caught me looking
Am I the only one who saw it
Diana turn your face away
Every time I try to tell you what I mean my thread begins to fray
I'm gonna try and work it out that I
I been round a while
I seen what you show but never who you are
Someone steer me, I can't hear me
I'll describe what I've seen
You tell me what I mean, I don't know anymore
You shook off that disguise
Burned a ring in my eyes
Tore away all my language and nerve from my tongue
There's no air in my lungs
And the only one I want to tell what happened to me’s
Standing right in front of me
Worried for my sanity
Diana, what I've got to say
I'm as apt to get it right as flap my scrawny arms and fly away
Cuz I'm afraid that if I say it plain
We can't start again
Let me put it this way
I looked up at you and saw a constellation
Is this some kind of prayer or just a conversation?
Diana, look at me again
I can't be your friend anymore
Might be easier for us
To keep it how it was
You could go that way
It's too late for me
I know who you are