In-the-Round with Wes Collins, Mike Gaffney and Molly McGinn

Doodad Farm, 4701 Land Rd, Greensboro, North Carolina 27406

For our last outdoor event of 2019, we present an afternoon of randomly-chosen songwriters performing in three-person rounds, culminating in a songwriter round with Molly McGinn, Mike Gaffney, and Wes Collins. After that, we'll gather around campfires and share songs as late into the night as we're able.

For those of you who just want to come and listen, you're welcome to come for the whole day, OR you can show up around 8pm and catch our featured songwriters in the round (that's where the performers take turns playing their songs). Everyone is welcome to camp out that night, too, whether you're a songwriter or not.

SONGWRITERS: Sign up as early as 2:30 and drop your name in the basket. We'll randomly draw those names, three at a time, and the chosen musicians will perform in rounds, one after another. We hope to be able to invite about 30 songwriters on our stage that way, playing two songs each. This means, of course, that some of you may not get to perform, but the earlier your signup, the better your chances. If you can stay for the late night campfire sessions, we'll give preference to those who missed out on the drawing.

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: As part of this event, we will attempt to provide all who play on our stage videos and photos of their performances. To achieve this, we welcome volunteers who are good with cameras to join us. PLEASE LET US KNOW in advance of the show if you're willing and able to help with this photography/videography project! We'll be asking our audience to sit right up near the stage, keep their chatting to a low level, and support the musicians with a rousing applause that will punctuate their videos.

COST: As always at Doodad Farm, we just ask that everyone contribute as they’re able. If you are chosen to perform, think about how great it will be to have a video of your performance, and contribute accordingly. For everyone else, maybe $10 is a reasonable contribution. All of these proceeds will go to our three headliners (Molly, Mike and Wes). There will also be CDs and other merchandise for sale, and all that also goes to the artists. WHAT TO BRING: Dress for the Fall weather, of course. We'll have fires here and there, but bundle up anyway. Bring chairs if you have them (we have some spares), coolers, snacks. Kids and pets are welcome, too.

FOOD: Vinnie's Hot Dogs will be here, and Vinnie promises to have some vegetarian selections, too. Or you're welcome to bring your own food.

CAMPERS: Let a volunteer know if you're camping, and they'll show you where to set up. Primitive camping is all we can do.

OTHER DETAILS: • We never allow weapons of any sort at the farm. If you think you need to protect yourself, you’re in the wrong place. • Smoking is permitted as long as you don’t bother anyone or do any butt-dropping. • Please clean up after yourself and treat the Farm as if it’s your own (in a way, it is!). • Portable toilets and drinking water will be available. • Let someone help you park, especially if the field is wet.