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Okay. First, the big news: My brand new album Jabberwockies is done! It’s finished, mastered, manufactured and awaiting release. Official street date is June 3, 2022 but if you preorder Jabberwockies from my website I will have it in your hands by May 15.

There are two preorder options:


  • The Jabberwockies Deluxe Package! This one is $100 plus shipping.
    • An autographed copy of Jabberwockies on CD
    • A Jabberwockies tee-shirt
    • A special book gathering all my published lyrics (for all three of my albums) with some thoughts about them
    • Handwritten lyrics to the song of your choice
    • Bragging rights that you got the album early
    • My undying gratitude

The first single, out exclusively on Americana Highways starting March 28 is “Jenny and James,” cowritten with Ordinary Elephant.

Pete and Crystal (of Ordinary Elephant) and I started this song together while they were staying at my house a few years ago. We roughed out a melody and agreed that the song would be called (and about) Jenny and James. Then Pete and Crystal went on their way, and we each finished our own versions of the song. Two different Jennys and two different Jameses, in fraternal twin songs. Ordinary Elephant’s Jenny and James were meant for each other and stayed together against long odds. My Jenny and James happened to work together at a diner and never had a shot. But Pete and Crystal approve; you can hear it in Pete’s octave mandolin and Crystal’s harmony all over this track.

“Jenny and James” will be exclusively on Americana Highways starting March 28, then everywhere else on April 7. Have a listen and let me know what you think.


I got back from my first ever pack-it-all-into-a-car-and-play-a-series-of-shows-in-another-state tour last Saturday, and I’m still floating like Yogi Bear after a picnic basket.

I can't thank Walton House Concerts of Daphne, Alabama enough for taking a chance on someone they'd never seen or heard live. Let's do that again, exactly like that.

And Sundilla. Whoa, Sundilla. I'd been looking forward to this show for a long time, but I had no idea. David Wilcox once said "the audience brings the show." And this audience brought extra show.

I’m going to carry both of these with me for a while.


Saturday, 4/2 Wes Collins Band @ Bond Brothers Eastside CARY, NC

Thursday, 5/5 Wes Collins and Andrew Delaney at Opening Bell DALLAS TX

Saturday, 5/7 Daniel Boling & Wes Collins at Sycamore Creek! DRIPPING SPRINGS, TX

Sunday, 5/8 Natalie Price, Wes Collins & Grace Pettis at Above Mosaic SMITHVILLE, TX

Saturday, 6/11   Wes Collins Band Live at Teds! WILMINGTON, NC


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